AKWIRE for Maximo® is a Client Server Based Application

Why AKWIRE is a Client Server Based Application

Planners and Schedulers work with large data sets. Why can't some of the applications they use do the same?
Solufy's AKWIRE Visual Suite offers superior performance, flexibility, reliability

Client server architecture gives you the power to accomplish more

why_akwire_is_a_client_server_app.pngWeb-based applications designed to support a trickle of data from a limited number of users are generally not designed to support users who need to work with much larger datasets at the same time.  

Planners and Schedulers need to be able to query and manipulate large datasets, and they're generally working during normal business hours.  For users working in web-based planning and scheduling applications for Maximo, this increased load has been known to cause performance issues.

Solufy's AKWIRE Visual Suite is client server based.  It never touches your Maximo application server, it does not introduce performance issues to your Maximo users, regardless of what your Planners and Schedulers are doing.  Additionally:

  • it offers unparallelled flexibility, allowing users to modify their own screens, queries, schedules, columns, and look-and-feel
  • upgrades never require that your Maximo server be taken down
  • AKWIRE is not dependent on a specific Maximo version or patch level

Learn more about how the AKWIRE vScheduler will allow you to do more with your Maximo planning and scheduling data because of its client server architecture.

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