Solufy and TriNmax - Strategic Partnership to Provide Solutions for IBM Maximo® CMMS

3rd October 2016: A solid step to address the increasing demand for Solufy’s AKWIRE Visual Suite for IBM Maximo. This non-exclusive partnership allows Solufy and TriNmax to work together to offer customers best of breed solutions and services to enhance their Maximo Software.

AKWIRE Visual Suite for Maximo, the leading software solution which simplifies the process of working with the IBM Maximo CMMS, continues to increase in popularity with the Maximo User Community.

Solufy’s satisfied and growing client base spans across multiple critical and demanding industries including, but not limited to, Energy, Utilities, Transit, Higher Education, Aviation, and Manufacturing.

As a solution provider of choice for similar industries wishing to improve their asset management services, TriNmax is an ideal strategic partner to promote Solufy’s mission to simplify Maximo.

The founders of both Solufy and TriNmax have a history of mutual respect based on their previous business interactions.

“A few months ago I was fortunate enough to be part of an IBM Maximo customer’s internal team who was at that time in the process of selecting a software application for planning interventions. We met with several software editors and distributors and analyzed some of the most popular solutions on the market. Clearly, and not surprisingly, our team of engineers, planners and maintenance technicians preferred AKWIRE Visual Suite to the other solutions that were presented,” said Jean-François Désilets, president of TriNmax Inc.

GerryLamarche.pngGerry Lamarche, co-founder and VP of Solufy stated, “I’ve known Jean-François (JF) for many years and when JF formed TriNmax, both of us recognized it as an opportunity to partner and provide robust, mature, and proven planning and scheduling solutions and services for IBM Maximo. Solufy customers enjoy significant advantages compared to users of other solutions - and we are glad that TriNmax customers will also leverage these advanced capabilities.”

Lamarche continued by saying,

“The TriNmax team has extensive expertise with Maximo and understands the true benefits of a well implemented Planning and Scheduling program within any organization. I believe that the synergy between our two companies will allow customers to achieve maintenance excellence and more importantly, receive a return on investment with the implementation of IBM Maximo and the AKWIRE Visual Suite for Maximo.”

With multiple high profile partnership announcements, TriNmax is positioning itself as a leader in the IBM Maximo arena, offering innovative and proven solutions to its customer base. Solufy is proud that the AKWIRE Visual Suite for Maximo is part of TinNmax’s solution offering.

SOLUFY was founded in Ottawa, Canada in 2003. They provide the most comprehensive suite of planning and scheduling tools for IBM Maximo. These proven tools enhance and simplify the process of working with IBM Maximo software. Solufy achieves these improvements by providing fully configurable, fully customizable, expandable software that can meet customers’ evolving business needs.

SOLUFY is a growing company with a large, satisfied customer base. As their products are not industry specific, Solufy provides AKWIRE-driven Maximo CMMS solutions to clients whose business is similar to your own.

TriNMax_tm_ANG.pngTriNmax Inc. is an Advanced IBM Business Partner. They are authorized IBM Maximo and Control Desk (ICD) solutions resellers for licenses, implementation services and support. They are a partner of choice for all companies wishing to improve their asset management and services. The team has extensive expertise with Maximo projects and its various industries such as: cities; universities and colleges; transportation; real estate; management and IT infrastructures; IT service centers; and telecommunications.

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