Release History: AKWIRE vScheduler

AKWIRE vScheduler - Leading Alternative to the Maximo Scheduler

AKWIRE™ vScheduler - Release History

Note: this page is being updated.  For information regarding releases between 2011 and 2017, please contact us.

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Version 2011: The following version was the result of valuable feedback that we get from our customers as we are committed to bringing to you the most advanced planning and scheduling tool for Maximo®
Version 2011 - Released - March 2011
  • Ability to edit Maximo data such as the work order Description, Worktype, etc. directly from the Gantt
  • A new Material Availability/Demand heat map that displays when work order material is available or not to complete the work
  • Crew support; now have the ability to assign a Crew to one or more work order in a single action and to see the Crew Availability/Workload in the resource level heat map
  • New Baseline feature; create a baseline of the entire schedule or a specifc period (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) for later compliance reporting, such as Planned vs Actual, Schedule Breakers, etc.
  • New Export to Excel option from the Gantt
  • Enhanced splitting action of a work order into multiple portions and the ability to merge selected portions
  • PM Forecast now supports forecasting floating PM's that are based on Last Completion date
  • Option to display the PersonGroup assigned to a work order in the Gantt
  • Improved Report Parameter support
  • Ability to open the Linked Documents/Attachments from the Extra Info bar
  • Now auto-loads the Labor/Persongroup assignments when the work orders are loaded in the Gantt
  • Various display options allowing the user to tailor the look and feel of the Gantt timeline
  • New Group Row option to show the work order hierarchy in the Gantt or to completely flatten the hierarchy to a single level - perfect for searching the entire contents of the Gantt rows
  • Enhanced status bar shows accurate database activity
Version 2010: This version brought forth some of the most important features in the AKWIRETM vScheduler to date...
Version 2010 - Released - March 2010
  • Complete redesign of how work orders are handled within the Gantt chart:
    • the work order information is now based on the Assignments in Maximo rather than the work order's Planned Labor information
    • this allows the user to drag individual assignment items on different dates in the Gantt, rather than having to split long work orders - ultimately providing added scheduling flexibility
    • from one menu click, a user can quickly add (or remove) work to an existing work order without having to modify its Planned Labor
    • the ability to copy and paste an item on the Gantt to quickly add new work against a work order; with copied Craft/Hours
    • The ability to see the assignments on the Gantt in a stacked view for easier manipulation
  • Integrated Context Help, capable of displaying How-To videos and examples
  • Manage your schedules; You decide who can view and modify your schedules. You can specify users, groups or sites.
  • New Gantt Layout Editor to customize the look and feel of the Gantt chart
  • New Timeline context menu to help you see what you need - when you need it
  • LDAP support for Maximo version 7 on WebSphere
  • Enhanced SQL Helper to help you select the data that you need from Maximo® and the ability to save User Filters as public, for specific users, groups or sites.
  • Enhanced printing capability of the Gantt and the Calendar.
  • Enhanced Report paramater capabilities allowing you to filter through large value lists for generating reports
  • New filing options to categorize your schedules when saving or retreiving
  • Enhanced user right management to control access rights within Akwire
  • A new Schedule Options window to set behavioral parameters globally or for each individual schedule in the system
  • Support for User Defined Fields in the Gantt that can also be shared between schedules
  • Ability to add work order log records from the Gantt
  • Ability to add/edit the work order long description from the Gantt
  • Now maintains an audit trail of when work orders are rescheduled and by whom