Building your weekly schedule for Maximo schedule in less than 2 minutes


Building your Maximo schedule in the AKWIRE vScheduler

Create a weekly schedule for IBM Maximo in less than two minutes. Here's how:

Step 1:  Define the schedule's general information

AKWIRE vScheduler define general information

  1. Enter the name of the schedule.
  2. Choose the schedule timeline.
  3. Choose whether to work with a Fixed or Floating schedule.

Step 2: Select the schedule's data

AKWIRE vScheduler select schedule data

  1. Click through the PM, WO, Labor, Crew, Tool, and / or Work Group sub-tabs on the Data Selection tab select the data elements that should be added to the schedule.
  • Adjust the set queries and filters if required
  • Click the Run Query button to refresh the query
  • Click the Select All button to select all returned records
  • Click the Add to Schedule button

Your schedule is now built!

Click to Save the schedule so you can access it any time - next time you use it, just select the name of the schedule from the drop down list, and click to open the Gantt tab.

Now, click on the Gantt tab to review the schedule you just created in an MS-Project style view.  Modify the schedule as necessary before publishing your changes back to Maximo. 

AKWIRE vScheduler build a schedule in less than two minutes

Most of the schedules we have built or seen on the AKWIRE vScheduler have been created in about 1 to 2 minutes.  This may vary based on your system setup.


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