Rich User Interface: The AKWIRE™ Foundation

The AKWIRE™ Foundation

AKWIRE FoundationThe AKWIRE™ Foundation is the core behind the AKWIRE™ Visual Suite available from SOLUFY and provides our users with the tools needed to get the job done, whether in connected or disconnected mode. It provides a middle-tier platform to host an ever expanding suite of tools for Maximo®, other enterprise class systems such as SAP®, Remedy®, Oracle Financials®, as well as your proprietary in-house systems.


Every module created by SOLUFY leverages the power of the AKWIRE™ Foundation which provide a variety of powerful and intuitive user interface controls for an enhanced user experience leading to increased data accuracy:

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Extra Info™ Bar
  • Provides an expandable window of extra information on different entities (Item, Equipment, Location, PM, etc.) found within the current record.  All this without having to scroll or hyperlink to another window.
  • The information in the Extra Info Bar is updated at run-time as it relates to the currently selected object.
  • The information displayed is fully configurable based on your specific needs.
Record List
  • An expandable sorted list of all records to allow the user to quickly locate a record or apply a custom filter on any column within the list to search for the desired information.
Saved Queries
  • User definable queries that can be saved for later use to filter on  information found in the module.
Screen Layouts
  • Choose a screen layout to meet your data input needs.
AutoComplete Controls
  • Dramatically reduce the amount of typing required.  Type in a letter or two and let AKWIRE™ fill-in the rest.
Multi-column Lists
  • Configurable dropdown list to display only the information you need.
Powerful Data Grids
  • All data grids in AKWIRE™ provide powerful filtering capabilities, auto-complete user input, drop down lists in appropriate cells within the grids, the flexibility to re-arrange the column order, full sorting capabilities, and much more.