Off-Line Capabilities: The AKWIRE™ Foundation

The AKWIRE™ Foundation

AKWIRE Foundation.pngThe AKWIRE™ Foundation is the core behind the AKWIRE™ Visual Suite available from SOLUFY and provides our users with the tools needed to get the job done, whether in connected or disconnected mode. It provides a middle-tier platform to host an ever expanding suite of tools for Maximo®, other enterprise class systems such as SAP®, Remedy®, Oracle Financials®, as well as your proprietary in-house systems.


The AKWIRE™ Foundation also boasts a very powerful Synchronization Engine, and database to allow your mobile workforce with access to high-volumes of mission critical data in a fully disconnected mode. The synchronization engine is a highly scalable solution, with fully customizable synchronization rules based on your organization's business needs, and has the ability to synchronize data from/to Maximo®, SAP®, Remedy®, Oracle Financials®, and even proprietary database systems.

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The AKWIRE™ Synchronization Engine offers:
  • Support of a high volume of data.
  • Customized/configurable synchronization rules.
  • Excellent collision handling.
  • Fast downloads/uploads.
  • Application Upgrader for seamlessly distributing software upgrades or custom plug-ins.
  • The ability to download files such as Microsoft® Word® documents, PDF files, and more.
  • Automatic local database restructuring on mobile devices.
  • Seamless downloads of configuration changes.
  • Using the AKWIRE™ Foundation's configuration capabilities, the system administrator can create data filters and restrict user access to data by user or group.
  • The powerful AKWIRE™ Synchronization Engine automatically detects changes to the Maximo® database schema, and seamlessly restructures the local database schema prior to downloading data. This powerful feature ensures that your client devices are always compatible with the Maximo® database, and can virtually eliminates the maintenance efforts associated with off-line solutions.
  • At synchronization time, AKWIRE™ precisely reports all data collisions.
  • AKWIRE™ stores all data collisions for later assessment using the AKWIRE™ Sync Administrator.
  • The occurrence of a data collision does not prevent other data to be synchronized. You can configure your own synchronization business rules.
  • Users have the option to perform a complete or partial download (only changed data), the latter, drastically reducing network traffic and download time.

    AKWIRE™ uses powerful algorithms to identify what changes occurred since the last synchronization, thus increasing download/upload performance.

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