The AKWIRE™ Foundation: Configurable

The AKWIRE™ Foundation

AKWIRE Foundation

The AKWIRE™ Foundation is the core behind the AKWIRE™ Visual Suite available from SOLUFY and provides our users with the tools needed to get the job done, whether in connected or disconnected mode. It provides a middle-tier platform to host an ever expanding suite of tools for Maximo®, other enterprise class systems such as SAP®, Remedy®, Oracle Financials®, as well as your proprietary in-house systems.


One of the most powerful feature of the AKWIRE™ Foundation is its configuration capabilities making it fully adaptable to your business needs. Your entire configuration is stored in the central database, and when using the AKWIRE™ Extreme Mobile suite, all changes are propagated at synchronization time to the local database on the mobile devices, therefore minimizing maintenance effort. So your support staff does not need to reconfigure each mobile device individually when configuration changes are needed.

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AKWIRE™ comes with a feature-rich user interface to allow your system administrator to centrally manage configuration settings.

The following is a list of the main configuration panels available:

  • AKWIRE™ is completely multilingual. This configuration module allows the administrator to change any text used by the system. To find out more, click here.
  • All database queries used by AKWIRE™ can be configured using the Queries configuration tool.
  • Allows the administrator to identify tables/columns required from the Maximo® system on the mobile devices.
Synchronization Rules
  • Allows the administrator to define special synchronization rules against a specific database table.
Data States and Validation Rules
  • Custom data validation and screen behavior.
Mobile Database
  • Used to rebuild or make changes to the mobile device's local database structure. This is a valuable when changes are made to the source database structure such as Maximo®, and those changes are needed locally to preserve database integrity.
Custom Variables
  • The custom variables can be used with the Data States to change the behavior of a module based on the current data, user, etc.
Multiple screen layouts of our modules using the AKWIRE™ Form Designer
  • Create multiple screen layouts of a module based on your user's needs, such as hide or add new fields, move fields and make certain fields read-only.
Miscellaneous Table Configuration
  • Allows the administrator to control access restrictions to modules, define lookup values, create custom scripts and more.