AKWIRE Visual Suite Features

Feature of the Month: Listener

Quit worrying. Be confident that you’re working with the latest IBM Maximo data.

With the Listener add-on, Maintenance Planners and Schedulers never have to worry that they don't have the latest Work Orders from IBM Maximo. Listener works hand-in-hand with AKWIRE vScheduler by notifying you of changes in Maximo for WOs that aren’t currently in your schedule (such as new or edited Work Orders, etc.). Listener will let you know when data matching your schedule’s criteria is added or changed in Maximo – no need to publish or refresh. You’ll only be alerted for valid updates to Maximo that are relevant to the schedule you’re working on. 


AKWIRE vScheduler Features

Simplified UI Roles

The right roles for the right users.

AKWIRE’S simplified User Interface Roles make it clear and straightforward to create profiles for different users. UI Roles will change the context of what your users can see and do, not only limiting and granting permissions to the appropriate people, but also hiding the menus they don’t need making the tool that much easier to use and learn. Fully configurable to yours needs, Simplified UI Roles ensures everyone has the right level of access and sees only the options and actions that are appropriate for them.


The power of AKWIRE with the convenience of the cloud.

Is your installation of IBM Maximo on the cloud? Rest easy, because with REST, AKWIRE supports hosted installations of Maximo. REST means that AKWIRE and Maximo can communicate securely over HTTPS, by utilizing the same architecture you already use to connect to your Maximo environment.  

Task Elasticity

Tired of splitting your WOs just to get an accurate heatmap?  Not anymore.

Some jobs just can’t be completed in one day. When a task spans over multiple days, Task Elasticity automatically splits the workload of a task without actually splitting that task – that’s right, without creating extra assignment records in Maximo. Task Elasticity virtually splits the work based on the shift and availability of the resource assigned. Just another way AKWIRE tackles the real scenarios Planners and Schedulers face every day, simplifying their work.

Daily Work Sheet Add-On

You won’t miss copying and pasting schedule data between Maximo and Excel. We promise.

Daily Work Sheet allows you to quickly assign the day's WOs to laborers by combining the power of AKWIRE with the familiarity of Excel. Daily Work Sheet uses customizable Excel templates to generate work sheets populated with schedule data and can be configured to show as much WO data as needed. The work sheets will display any assignments that have been made and can be used to make further labor assignments to WOs. Assignments made in the Daily Work Sheet are automatically reflected in the schedule, including the Gantt, and publishing will save the assignments back to IBM Maximo. Best of all, you can assign a resource to a planner job with just one click.


Excel Reporting Add-On

Have your cake and eat it too – or in this case, have you Excel template and your AKWIRE data.

AKWIRE’s Excel Reporting Add-On allows you to create AKWIRE reports and sub-reports that push the results of your query into a Data worksheet in a preconfigured Excel template. The Excel template can have anything that Excel supports, like charts, cell formatting and complex formulas; AKWIRE is just feeding the data.

Custom Sorting

Your data isn’t simple. Why should you be limited by simple features?

Using AKWIRE’s custom sorting feature, you can quickly and easily save how columns sort their data. If your WO Status flow goes from WAPPR, APPR, WSCH and SCHED why should your WO Status column be sorted in any different order?  Simply specifying W, A, WS, S in the custom sorting setting is all you need.  Yup, that’s simple!

One-Click Scheduling Watch The Video

Drag & Drop is so 1980. Welcome to the future.

Save countless hours of scrolling left or right with our lightning fast one-click scheduling feature. Just hold down a hot key and click on the date you want. Boom. You’ve just scheduled a WO. Don’t blink; you’ll miss it. One-click scheduling works even if the WO bar isn’t in the visible area.

One-Click Assigning Watch The Video

Assign Work Orders to labor resources in one click. Why should it take any more?

In the Daily Work Sheet tab, you can automatically assign Work Orders to maintenance workers simply by clicking in the cell where the maintenance Work Order and the labor resource intersect; this automatically assigns the craft hours to that resource. Similar functionality is also available in the Gantt, from the Custom Assignment pane.  What are you going to do with all that extra time you’re saving? 

One-Click Filtering Watch The Video

One click is all it takes to hone in on exactly what you want to see.

Who knew one click could be so mighty? With AKWIRE’s exclusive one-click filtering, you can quickly retrieve the work orders for a specific resource on a specific day with one click. Need to quickly see why you are over-allocated for the electrical craft on Tuesday? Simply click in the cell in the heat map to retrieve the WOs for that craft on that day. It’s that fast and that simple.

Display Calculated Fields on the Gantt

Planning and Scheduling can be complex. Your job doesn't have to be.

Limiting yourself to only the data coming out of a table is rarely sufficient in this complicated world of Planning and Scheduling. You’ll become drastically more efficient if you can not only display results from complex formulas, but also sort, filter and/or group on that calculated data. And that’s why we’ve supported this since Day One. AKWIRE supports calculated fields to simplify the complexity of working with Maximo.

Specialized, Configurable Functions to Calculate Work Prioritization Read More

Unbiased, repeatable, simple: work on the right things at the right time.

Not all work is created equal. With conflicting deadlines and limited resources, it can be hard to tell which work should take precedence over others. You can easily configure vScheduler to help you prioritize work by producing an ordered ranking. Worried your tech skills aren’t up to snuff? Don’t be! AKWIRE is easy to configure – even if you don’t consider yourself a computer whiz.

Update Work Order Data Directly From the Gantt

Your data isn’t perfect? You can fix it.

Based on your user rights, you can edit work order data directly from the Gantt; change the description, worktype, priority, supervisor, etc.  There’s even dropdown lists when relevant to help you enter valid data. Simply put the Gantt into edit mode, make your changes and publish back to Maximo.  No need to hyperlink to Maximo, you can do it all from within AKWIRE.

Mass Editor Control Watch The Video

Mass edit work orders and move on with your day.

The Mass Editor Control (MEC) allows you to make edits to multiple fields and/or multiple work orders at once. You can set entries, clear, find and replace, append, and copy entries in bulk. Apply your changes to all WOs, to the current filtered list or to the selected rows.  Because nobody’s got time to make edits one by one anymore.

Metrics Add-On

The truth is in the numbers.  Easily answer the hard questions.

The Metrics Add-On for the vScheduler module calculates approximately 50 different metrics for your schedule and based on grouping within your schedule, such as by Supervisor or Crew. You can create key performance indicators based on metrics captured over past months/years or view your current metrics in real-time.  Common metrics that are reported on include: Schedule Compliance, number of Break-in/Break-out WOs, PM compliance, backlog hours, and more. So, stop going on gut feeling and get the indisputable evidence to help you make more strategic decisions, prioritize effectively, and to optimize your maintenance operations.

Compliance Add-On

Identify what’s breaking your schedule and why.

Use the Compliance Add-On for AKWIRE vScheduler to capture Break-ins and Break-outs for your locked schedule. You can track any deviations from your week’s work plan and easily generate reports that explain what (or who) is breaking your schedule, how frequently, and why. 

Export to Excel Watch The Video Read More

Copying and pasting data into Excel sheets is a thing of the past. Let it go.

You can export your schedule to Excel with the click of a button. Choose your layout, groupings and date range (or any combination thereof), hit the Excel button, and export your schedule – that’s all there is to it! You’ll notice that all your groupings, formatting, colors, fonts, etc. have been preserved in Excel, even with multi-Gantts layouts.

Export to Outlook Add-On

Fill up your crew’s calendars with this week’s work schedule in just a couple of clicks.

With the Export to Outlook add-on, you can export your schedule to any Outlook calendars you have access to. And this isn’t an all-or-nothing export: you can filter which work orders to include based on numerous criteria such as date range or by maintenance technician. You can export to one master calendar that everyone has access to, or export to individual calendars based on work order assignment; whatever works best for you.

Resource Heatmaps

More than just nice looking colors.  Instant feedback on your resources workload.

Not very good in math?  Don’t worry, let our heatmap instantly do those tedious calculations for you all in real-time as you modify your schedule. The Resource Availability heatmap displays the available hours remaining on a particular day/week/month/year. The Resource Workload heatmap shows the hours of work scheduled for a particular period.

Split Assignments

Face it: Sometimes you just can’t avoid it. Splits are inevitable.

When a WO needs to be done in non-adjacent periods or you simply want to distribute the work to multiple people, AKWIRE has numerous ways to split work orders – all of which are simple and effective. You can split a WO based on the schedule’s default shift hours, based on user-specified hours, or based on the assigned labor/crew availability.

Ctl-T to Scroll to Today's Date on the Timeline

It's as simple as…well…Ctl-T.

Use this handy shortcut to scroll to today’s date on the timeline. No more manual scrolling and searching. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

 PS: Today's date is easy to spot, because we highlight it in blue for you. You're welcome!

Undo/Redo Support

Oops! Made a mistake? Fix it on the fly and keep going.

Our Undo and Redo support make it simple to undo or redo most of the changes you make in AKWIRE. You can even undo or redo multiple actions at once.  A basic and standard feature you say?  Yup, that’s why it’s been there pretty much since the beginning.

Powerful Sorting, Grouping and Filtering

It's your data. Arrange it the way that works best for you.

Sort On and/or Group By any number of columns. You can also apply filters to an unlimited number of columns in the Gantt using a powerful Excel-like filtering control to easily pick the values or data range you want. Select from the drop-down list or make custom selections. Plus, the Gantt offers some very useful columns like LaborAssigned and RequiredCrafts that you can use to sort or filter on to show, for example, only the WOs assigned to a specific labor resource, or WOs that require a certain Craft.  Anything to make you more efficient.

Did you know we have almost 50 different AKWIRE Gantt columns that make your Planning and Scheduling efforts more efficient? No need for applause; we know it’s awesome.

Timeline Filtering

When date filtering gets too complicated, skip the headache and try this instead.

You can easily filter your timeline to display the work for a specific date or time period. Simply click the timeline header and the Gantt will instantly be filtered to display only the items that fall within that time frame. Holding down shift or control enables you to select more than one day, week, or month.

Powerful Rescheduling Menu

Rescheduling happens. So, it shouldn't be a hassle.

We make rescheduling easy with convenient tool tips that appear when you move a Gantt item to a desired date. Reschedule one or multiple schedule items effortlessly. Within the Reschedule menu, standard choices (such as today, tomorrow, next Monday, etc.) are there at your fingertips, but you can also specify dates yourself. You also have the option to reschedule immediate children or all descendant WOs to the same date as the parent. You can even reschedule non-filtered rows, selected rows/items, or your entire schedule by any numbers of days, weeks, or months you choose.  A powerful menu, made easy.

Auto-Assign Resources

50 Work Orders to assign now? Click. Done.

Auto-Assign makes it faster and easier to assign resources to work orders. It works in a variety of ways. Users can Auto-Assign by selecting work orders in the Gantt and clicking on the desired resources or by selecting the resources and clicking on the work orders in the Gantt. The Auto-Assign can also replace existing assignments.  When multiple resources are selected to be assigned to multiple work orders, AKWIRE will automatically load balance the workload amongst them.  Makes you want to start assigning at the labor level, doesn’t it!

Configurable Data Selection Queries

If it can be loaded with SQL, it can be displayed in the Gantt.

Using the power of SQL, AKWIRE can be configured to load exactly the data you need to see in your schedule.  When creating a schedule, you can select the desired data selection query from a preconfigured drop-down list. If you need to see Work Order Tasks in your schedule, no problem! There’s a data selection query for that. Don’t need Tasks? There’s a query for that too. Need to bring fields from other tables than the WO table? Consider it done. Why force your users to load or not load the Tasks for a given WO? They’re grown-ups; let them decide.

AKWIRE vCalendar Features

Easily Manage Resource Availability in 2 Clicks Watch The Video

It’s so easy to use, you’ll (almost) want to give them more vacation!

vCalendar’s innovative exceptions tool bar and hotkeys make it fast and easy to enter common calendar exceptions on the fly. For example, in just two clicks, you can enter a worker’s vacation – from a couple days off, to a couple of weeks; select the time range with your mouse and click on the vacation button, or press ‘v’, yes it’s that simple!  No more manual data entries for each day of vacation.

Add Notes to Your Calendar Exceptions

Having a hard time remembering what all these exceptions are for? Add notes.

When properly configured to support this, you can easily add notes to your calendar exceptions. Select one or multiple exceptions, press Enter and type in the desired note... that's it. 

Manage Availability by Shifts

Day, evening and night shifts, no problem.  Easily manage your shift rotation.

Standard scheduling tools allow you to view your resource’s hours – and that’s it. But what if you need to manage resource availability a different way? For many, it means another Excel spreadsheet. The makers of AKWIRE know that Planners and Schedulers need dynamic, flexible tools that work the way they do. In this view, you can see and easily manage your resources’ shift rotations – you can still export your data to Excel with all the color coding, but no longer have to manage it there.

Manage Availability by Crews

Manage your resources by crews – without relying on Excel.

Too many Planners and Schedulers have been stuck when it comes to managing crew rotations. Their best option was to manage it in Excel – even though Maximo doesn’t communicate with Excel. Not anymore. With AKWIRE, you can manage resource availability by crew directly in the vCalendar application, which can then be fully utilized in vScheduler. (Don’t worry, you can still export it to Excel if you want to!)

Assign Resources to Multiple Shifts

A tool that can handle what shift work is really like.

Your Planning and Scheduling tools should be powerful and flexible enough to respond to the realities you encounter every day on the job. Why is it then that so many Planning and Scheduling solutions only allow resources to be assigned to one shift at any given time? It makes no sense. AKWIRE allows you to assign resources to multiple shifts. Finally, a tool that fits the way your organization works. 


Set recurring events and work orders in a flash.

Just as you can set up recurrences in your Outlook and other calendar, you can set up recurring events in vCalendar. Simple right click and make selections from the Date Recurrence box. Simple. Effective.

Export to Outlook Add-On

 Export vCalendar data to your Outlook calendars in just a couple of clicks.

With the Export to Outlook add-on, you can export vCalendar data to any Outlooks calendars to which you have access. You can filter or select which exceptions to include in your export based on a selection list, filtering by date range, or choosing from the maintenance technicians to whom work is assigned. Ya know, in case your highly dedicated team needs to be reminded when they’re on vacation!

AKWIRE vJobPlan Features

Coming Soon! Read More

AKWIRE vJobPlan is full of great features to make working with IBM Maximo CMMS faster and more efficient. Check back soon to find out all about them. 

In the meantime, you can read more about vJobPlan here

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AKWIRE vTimeSheet Features

Coming Soon! Read More

AKWIRE vTimeSheet is full of great features to make working with IBM Maximo CMMS faster and more efficient. Check back soon to find out all about them. 

In the meantime, you can read more about vTimeSheet here

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AKWIRE MPower Features

Coming Soon! Read More

MPower for the AKWIRE Visual Suite is full of great features to make working with IBM Maximo CMMS faster and more efficient. Check back soon to find out all about them. 

In the meantime, you can read more about MPower here

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