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Presentation Download: Impact of Planning and Scheduling in an Oil Refinery Setting

by Kim Waterman on October 30, 2015

Here's a question for you:

What is the true purpose of your organization's maintenance technicians?

Think about it for a second, then read on.

Ok next question:

How are those maintenance technicians spending the majority of their time?

If your response to the second question was either "I don't know," or a silent shudder, you're going to want to download this presentation.

Sinclair Oil implemented Maximo in 1999 for the purposes of identifying and planning work, and monitoring The Impact of Planning and Scheduling in a Refinery Settingfailure reporting. From the start it was Sinclair's plan to use Maximo to continually improve and streamline the processes surrounding maintenance work.

As their Maximo data and processes matured, Sinclair determined that the next step to take to further improve organizational efficiency was to invest in planning and scheduling.  Several modules of the AKWIRE Visual Suite were implemented over the next few years:  vScheduler, vCalendar, vTimeSheet, and vJobPlan.

This presentation was originally delivered by Kyle Cook of Sinclair Oil, Bill Thompson of Genesis Solutions, and Matt Midas of Solufy (previously of Genesis Solutions) at the Fall session of GoMaximo 2015.  It details

  • how Sinclair uses Maximo and AKWIRE together in their day to day operations
  • why Sinclair works the way they do - what pain points they set out to overcome
  • the ROI of their planning and scheduling program
  • and it explains why organizations should focus time and budget on improving their planning and scheduling functions in general
You can access additional summary information about the presentation, the GoMaximo user group meeting, Kyle Cook, Bill Thompson, and Matt Midas here, or click below to download the presentation.

Presentation regarding Sinclair Oil's P&S program for Maximo using Solufy's AKWIRE Visual Suite



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