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Planning and Scheduling for Maximo: You Need More Power to Work Faster

by Kim Waterman on April 14, 2014

Solufy AKWIRE Visual Suite for MaximoPlanning and scheduling for Maximo requires a lot of processing power - you work with larger data sets than the average Maximo user, you run larger queries than the average Maximo user, and you need to be able to make sense of all the data you're seeing - quickly.

Most of the cloud solutions available to Maximo planners and schedulers process through the application server - the server all active users are connected to - and can quickly get bogged down by larger queries and record sets.

Client server applications leverage the power of your computer, allowing them to work with much larger data sets without ever causing a disruption to Maximo users.  And, because they are not bound by Maximo's framework, additional features and functionalities are readily available.

Solufy made a conscious decision when it came time to decide which platform it would use for the Visual Suite. We intentionally decided to build it as a desktop application to overcome some of the limitations inherent to web applications, such as slower performance, the limitations on user interface design imposed by web browsers, the increased demand on network bandwidth due to numerous page refreshes, and also to minimize the extra load on the Maximo application server(s).

Learn more about why we chose to develop the AKWIRE Visual Suite as a client server application, and the benefits this approach brings to our clients.

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Why AKWIRE is a client server application

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