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Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Magic: 9 ¾ Reasons to Attend the AKWIRE User Group

by Richard Almendarez on October 4, 2018

As busy enterprise maintenance professionals, your time is valuable. There are always job plans to review, site visits to make, schedules to create, and data to analyze. You’re running point between Maintenance and Operations, you’re checking your PM Compliance percentages and you’re battling the backlog beast to boot.

The 2019 AKWIRE User Group is sure to be a magical event. Why should you attend? Well, I'll be there. ;-) Looking for a few more spellbinding reasons? We've got 9 ¾ reasons for you.

9 ¾ to attend the AKWIRE User Group February 2019

 1. You'll get to know AKWIRE inside and out. 

AKWIRE is flexible, powerful, and user-friendly. It is chock-full of options and features to help you do your work efficiently and effectively and according to the processes, strategies and best practices of your organization. But you wouldn’t be you if you weren’t trying to be better.

From the optional training on Day One to the varied learning sessions, roundtables, presentations on Days Two and Three, you’ll discover new ways to accomplish tasks, shortcuts and how to use parts of the application you may not have previously explored, and so much more.

Plus, you’ll be one of the first to see the exciting new things on our horizons.

 2. Enjoy a conference that was designed with you in mind. 

We are always looking for ways to improve and enhance the AKWIRE user experience. This is equally true for our AKWIRE User Group. In the past, we held the conference over the first two days, with an optional day of training at the end. Many people mentioned that they would get more out of the user group if the training came first.

You spoke, we listened. We moved the optional training to the head of the line so, if you are new to AKWIRE, you will not get lost in the sessions.

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Hats off to that!

That’s just one of many ways we’ve designed the conference around the needs and feedback of our clients.

 3. Talk shop with the professors — I mean, the AKWIRE wizards. 

I always say that with IBM Maximo, there is more than one way to tackle any challenge or task. The same is true with the AKWIRE User Group. There is more than one way to learn and improve.

You can schedule 1-1 live FAQ sessions with our trainers and implementers to talk through any questions you have. It’s like getting a sit-down with Dumbledore.

Roundtable discussions allow you to discuss unique topics with experts and peers. And the small conversations you have between sessions can lead to improvements and solutions that you didn't even know you needed. Take advantage of them all!

 4. Eat, sleep, and breathe AKWIRE right along with everyone else. 

This is a unique user group driven by AKWIRE users for AKWIRE users. Everything is laser focused on AKWIRE; no part of this experience is watered down with other topics.

With everyone here for the same reasons, you’ll have a unique opportunity to tap into the collective knowledge not only of our team, but of our awesome clients. Through the conversations, collaboration, and brainstorming that happen in sessions and everywhere at the AKWIRE User Group, you’ll discover new tricks, solutions, and ideas to bring home with you.

See how others set up their software, complete their tasks, and get their jobs done. You can ask yourself, “Does how I’m doing it make sense? Do I need to change?”

What better way to improve?

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 5. Goof around with the Solufy Family. 

You are invited to the family reunion. Usually, the CEO, VP, support managers, and members of our sales and client service teams are present. Every now and then, if you’re really lucky, you will see someone from the development team. They wield the wands at Solufy!

You will also see first-hand why we call it the “Solufy family.” Many of us have worked together for years and in other chapters of our careers. Being a family makes the AKWIRE User Group unlike any other professional event you’ve ever attended.

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 6. Go toe to toe with AKWIRE whizzes. 

We know two or three days of training and conference sessions can sound like a really intense learning experience. But we've got tons of plans to make sure the sessions are fun, engaging and creative -- so that your learning experience is almost as exciting as being whisked off to Hogwarts.  We promise there will be lots of games, prizes, and good times to be had. For those of you who attended the last event, you'll remember the fun we had playing AKWIRE Jeopardy. We're still calling Kyle Cook (Sinclair Oil) "Alex Trebek" after his runaway victory. But it's a new year and a new user group. Will another champion be born? Better start brushing up on your knowledge so that you can take home the honors this year!

 7. Make lifelong friendships. 

You spend so much time talking to each other, comparing business processes, and setting up meetings to generate more ideas that, at the end of the day, colleagues become friends.

The unique part of our user group is… our users! Our community is one in a million, and you will find enthusiastic, welcoming, supportive, collaborative people willing — and able — to lend a hand long after the user group has come to a close.

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 8. Enjoy ALL THE PERKS.

Want surprises? We got ‘em. Awesome keynote speaker? Check. Special perks if you present? Check. Surprise bonus perks for early registrants? You know it. Aren’t you dying to know what they are? Our lips are sealed. It’s more fun this way.

 9. Mix and mingle at the party of the year. 

If you know us, you know the Solufy family loves to have a good time! Our mission: put on a stellar event for you. And one of the highlights of our user group is our epic soiree. If you attended our last event, then you remember this night well. Great food, great people and great ambiance make for a night you’ll never forget. Don’t forget, you can bring your spouse or significant other to this event too! It’s like we just won the Quidditch Cup and everyone is MVP. That’s pretty epic.

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 9 ¾. It’s in San Diego — in February!

Need I say more?

The place to be for Maintenance Planning and Scheduling professionals

We’re planning a User Group that’ll be as magical as a trip to Hogwarts, but without all the dreary English weather. So, pack your sunscreen and swimsuits, because February 2019 will be here before you know it.

See you there!

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