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FacMan Friends: 7 Reasons to be Stoked for Spring 2019 FMMUG

by Shannon Smith on February 6, 2019

The Facilities Management Maximo User Group (known affectionately as FMMUG) continues to be a popular event. And with good reason! It’s a highly focused conference where Facilities Management professionals can dish on all things Maximo. And because this event is industry-specific, it’s our opportunity to get deep in the weeds about all things FacMan.

#1 You’ll get a deep dive into re-implementing Maximo at one of the world’s most prestigious universities.

On Tuesday, Michael Baker is scheduled to present on behalf of Cornell University about their extensive work to re-implement Maximo. If this huge undertaking sounds intimidating, never fear – he’s here to walk you through it.

“Many companies and organizations think about what their implementations of Maximo would be like if they could start from scratch, but then realize tackling something of that magnitude seems out-of-reach,” says Michael. “Cornell decided to tackle the hard-sell of re-implementing Maximo and address things like customizations, decades-old business processes, and staffing." 

"Come learn from what we learned and see how you can overcome the challenges of a full re-implementation of Maximo.”

FMMUG-KickoffOne of the presentations from the 2018 FMMUG in Seattle

#2 There’s a Ghosts and Graveyards tour.

Savannah has Bonaventure Cemetery, made famous by Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, but did you know Charleston has its own “gardens” – lovely gothic cemeteries dating back to the mid-1600s?

Charleston is historic city perfect for an evening of spine-tingling thrills and chills. This walk is extra creepy because it allows participants to step beyond the typical paths trod by other tour groups. We’ll get to go beyond the wrought iron gates and get up close and personal with some of the most significant graves… if you dare!  

FMMUG 2019 Charleston

#3 Interested in all things data? Good news!

There will be panels and presentations on data quality, and one on how to use performance management data and metrics, co-presented by Bill Steudler of Penn State University. If you know anything about Bill and the team he works with, they’re always coming up with creative ways to reach new frontiers with their CMMS solutions, like the function he devised to calculate maintenance priority.  

Bill just recently celebrated 19 years at PSU. “Luckily,” says Bill, “my job allows me opportunities to extrapolate concepts such as earned value analysis into actual deployed and used solutions.  I find it challenging and gratifying. One of the many reasons that FMMUG is such a successful conference is that many folks in the Facilities Management community feel the same way, and get equally excited about the challenges and opportunities they’re facing – and they’re willing to share."

"The Maximo community has always fostered a powerful collaborative learning environment. People aren’t afraid to get up there and say, ‘This is what we were going through. It was hard. We tried this and it didn’t work. We tried that and it still didn’t work. But we kept going, kept refining our hypothesis, kept experimenting, and now we’ve found what works best for us.’ That kind of openness helps us all grow.”

#4 Want to explore your Planning and Scheduling options?

Anne Antonelli, our own Matt Midas, and a few others will host a round-table discussion where you can ask questions and find alternative solutions when the routes you’ve previously tried aren’t working. That's happening Wednesday, March 6th at 3:00 p.m.. 

Matt Midas demo AKWIRE at FMMUGMatt Midas, demonstrating Planning and Scheduling solutions at FMMUG 2018

#5 Maximo Master Pam Denny will be in the house!

In fact, she won’t just be in the house, but presenting on a few different topics across the conference.

There’s a reason Pam Denny’s presentations are always a hit. Pam is a rock star in the Maximo community – her spirit, knowledge, and enthusiasm always get the group feeling inspired.

#6 March 7 is a dedicated training day – Maximo, Planning and Scheduling and more.

Training – everybody’s favorite. No, seriously. Take advantage of the training while you can – it’s another five months or so until Maximo World – just think of how much further ahead you could be by the end of summer with the stuff you learn this spring.  

Matt Midas Maximo Planning and SchedulingMatt presents on Planning and Scheduling as part of a holistic Reliability strategy

#7 The Maximo gang gets to explore Boeing.

To cap off all that hard work, we'll take a tour of the Boeing facilities in Charleston. It’s not every day that we get to explore one of the plants of a giant multinational designer and manufacturer of airplanes and rockets. This particular site is one of the largest for commercial aircraft in the eastern United States. In fact, this is the home of the famed 787 Dreamliner.

Where Maximo meets Facilities Management: FMMUG

And of course, don’t forget that this spring’s FMMUG is taking place in sunny Charleston, South Carolina – where the March weather is sure to be better than many other places in the country. As if you don’t already have reason enough to join us at FMMUG – just picture those sunny skies and spring blooms dotting Charleston’s quaint, historic streets. Need we say more?

See you there, Facilities Management friends!

PS - Don't wait. Early bird pricing ends soon!

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