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Exclusive One-Click Scheduling for the Maintenance Professional

by Richard Almendarez on July 21, 2016

Reducing backlog Work Orders is a typical objective of companies that use a large CMMS solution, such as IBM’s Maximo.  These Work Orders can be months or even years old, and schedulers would sometimes find themselves traversing a large timeline to reschedule those backlog Work Orders into the current timeframe.

The One-Click Scheduling function that was introduced in the AKWIRE Visual Suite for Maximo allowed those schedulers to easily schedule their Work Orders into any timeframe visible, regardless of where the Work Order resided on the Gantt.

This got our team thinking: ”What else can we do with One Click that will streamline processes in AKWIRE?”

I’d like to showcase three of AKWIRE’s exclusive One-Click features that our clients love.

1. One-Click Filtering

2. One-Click Scheduling

3. One-Click Assigning


In the video you will see that we're over allocated by 5 hours for our ELECT craft on July the 12th.  This is easily noted by the red color in the heat map and the negative hours in the cell corresponding to the Craft and Day intersection.

To identify the WOs that are causing this over allocation, you simply

      1. Click in the cell to retrieve the WOs that have the ELECT craft requirement that fall on that day. 
        This is our One-Click Filtering capability.
      2. Remedy the over scheduling for this day by utilizing the One-Click scheduling function. 
        One-Click Scheduling allows you to quickly reschedule a WO by holding down a hot key on the keyboard and clicking on the day you want the WO rescheduled to.
        One-Click Scheduling doesn't even require the WO to be in the current view in order to reschedule it.
        Once you're happy with your reschedule changes.
      3. Utilize the One-Click Assignment functionality within the Daily Work Sheet tab.  This tab provides an alternative way to see the WOs scheduled on a selected day, and displays the Labor records as columns.

        If the WO has craft requirements, click on intersection of the WO row and the Labor record column to automatically assign the craft hours to that resource.  You can also modify the assigned labor hours or add new assignments using the Daily Work Sheet.

These 3 One-Click functions are just a few examples of how the Akwire vScheduler for Maximo allows you to work quickly and efficiently with your Maximo data.

Questions? We have more videos of the AKWIRE Visual Suite for Maximo.

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