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Cook a Holiday Feast With a Maintenance Scheduler's Mindset

by Elyse Gagné on November 23, 2017

As the holiday season settles in, for many of us that means the chaos of cooking, hosting, or travelling to be with family and loved ones. And we know, it ain't always easy! Luckily for you, as an Enterprise Maintenance Planner or Scheduler, many of the principles you use in your everyday work can be brought home to help you survive (and thrive) this most wonderful time of the year.

Do you remember the six maintenance scheduling principles my colleague Matt shared earlier? Here's a quick refresher:

  1. Plan for the lowest required skill level
  2. Prioritize daily and weekly schedules
  3. Schedule based on the forecasted hours available for the highest skill level
  4. Assign work for every work hour available
  5. Develop the daily schedule one day in advance
  6. Measure performance with schedule compliance

Well, we thought it would be fun to see if these best practices could apply to your holiday preparations, so you can spend less time stressing out and more time sipping your favorite drink and enjoying the season. Just think of your personal time the way you would wrench-time and your shopping, cooking and decorating like word-orders; a little planning goes a long way! Likewise, your children, spouse and guests are now your "maintenance crew"; get the right people helping with the right things at the right time and your holiday prep will be a breeze. 

Need more Enterprise Maintenance Planning and Scheduling tips? We got you. Download our whitepaper here.


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