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When is the Best Time to Include a Planning and Scheduling Toolset for your Maximo CMMS?

by Richard Almendarez on October 27, 2016

Maximo CMMS users are often under the misconception that a planning and scheduling (P&S) tool is only a secondary step in the implementation of IBM Maximo.

Their concerns include:

“I don’t have all my data in Maximo yet. I should have all my data populated before I can think of a planning and scheduling tool.”

Perhaps this concern may even be well-founded, if one uses one of the other scheduling tools for IBM Maximo. However, we regularly see that clients of the AKWIRE Visual Suite for Maximo experience exactly the opposite and benefit from some of the data editing features of this powerful P&S toolset for Maximo.

A P&S tool like AKWIRE can:

  • Identify existing gaps in your Maximo Data
  • Update missing data elements
  • Rectify incorrect data
  • Edit multiple data sets simultaneously

The folks who typically need to change the data are the ones building the plans and the schedules and are in the application the most.  Why not provide a simple way to correct missing data or update inaccurate data?


The inclusion of a toolset that assists you in your long-term strategy for planning and scheduling is an advantage right at the preliminary stage of a Maximo implementation.

Seeing all of your Work Order and supporting data in a schedule format helps quickly identify many data scenarios that are difficult to see on a record by record basis. You’ll then find answers to important questions like:

  • Do your resources have Calendars and Shifts appropriately set?
  • Are your Craft/Skill Levels accurate and fully populated?
  • Are your Job Plans complete with tasks, accurate durations, craft, material, tool and service requirements?
  • Is your availability accurate by ensuring calendar exceptions such as Vacation, Sick and Training reduce the hours for your Laborers and Crafts?

The answers to these questions elevate a task oriented P&S approach to the level of a strategic planning methodology.

The mass-editing capabilities of AKWIRE bring exclusive flexibility and provide AKWIRE vScheduler users the ability to easily set, clear, find and replace, append, prefix, and copy-paste data elements. This is a huge time saver as you get your team up and running on Maximo CMMS.

For scenarios requiring additional flexibility in working with Maximo data, the MPower module from Solufy provides endless ways to access and use your data. With MPower, you can query data from multiple tables, from a combination of AKWIRE and Maximo data sources, and from other databases accessible to AKWIRE.

MPower provides the same mass-editing capability that was displayed in the above AKWIRE vScheduler video; however, it provides additional powerful capabilities outside of AKWIRE vScheduler’s Work Order realm.

Analyze, edit, update or mass update your Maximo Assets, Locations, Job Plans, User Defined data, and more.  The reach of MPower is almost limitless.

Are you getting the most out of your Maximo software implementation? Not an AKWIRE user? We have more AKWIRE highlights videos here.

What are the tools that you use to plan, schedule, and manage data in Maximo?

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