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2018: A Year of Excellence for Maximo Planning and Scheduling Solutions

by Mario Boileau on December 20, 2018

It may sound cliché, but I almost can’t believe that it’s already that time of year to write our holiday message. Then again, so much has happened this year that I really don’t think we can ask any more of 2018.

As the year comes to an end, Gerry and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to our fans and readers, our team, our new colleagues at Prometheus Group, and most importantly, to you, our customers.







(L) Mario Boileau, CEO & Co-founder of Solufy. (R) Gerry Lamarche, Vice-President & Co-founder of Solufy.

Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to:

Innovative features for your Planning and Scheduling solutions

If there’s one truth about Enterprise Maintenance Planning and Scheduling, it’s that it varies greatly across industries and organizations. Yes, there are best practices that we all strive to incorporate in our work. But for many of our clients, the tried and true processes they’ve perfected are the most successful for their companies, facilities, institutions, and plants.

As software designers and providers, this variety means that our solutions have to be flexible, adaptable, creative, and laden with features to meet the range of requirements of Planners and Schedulers around the globe.

In 2018, we focused heavily on adding features that would make AKWIRE even more flexible, user-friendly, and streamlined.   

For instance, in August, we launched the Appointment Scheduler add-on, making it faster and easier to book visits to customer sites. 


As a visual suite, a lot of the work we do to perfect AKWIRE comes down to making it easier for maintenance Planners, Schedulers, and Supervisors to see specific informative clearly and easily in one screen. Whether that’s by updating the features they have available with UI roles, or overlaying asset or location availability in your Gantt, we believe that what you can see on-screen directly determines how efficiently and effectively you’re able to make decisions – so our purpose-built solutions are all about making sure you can see what you want and need to see.

The big news that rocked the CMMS world

Batman and Robin. Han Solo and Chewbacca.  Some things are just better together. And now, AKWIRE is a key element of the Prometheus Group platform, alongside other best-of-breed enterprise maintenance solutions.

Prometheus Group Platform

When we announced the acquisition in October, we mentioned that this would open new doors for us to provide more options, features, services, and solutions for our clients – and you’re going to see a lot more of this in 2019. To start, we’re joining the AKWIRE User Group with the Prometheus Group User Conference. Attendees will have all the benefits of the classic event they know and love (from beginner and advanced AKWIRE training to spending quality time with the Solufy family), with the added benefit of connecting with and learning from other Maximo users, and other world class Maximo solutions. 

As of the publication of this blog post, the Prometheus Group User Conference is just 130 days away. (It’s happening April 29 – May 2, 2019.) We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans.

Prometheus Group User Conference

Sponsoring MUWG and other Maximo events

We kicked off the year strong with our annual team meeting in Ottawa, Canada. This gave us the chance to provide in-depth training, brainstorm new strategies, and discuss as a team the Planning and Scheduling challenges we saw our clients facing. 

Solufy-Team-January-2018-1The Solufy team in Ottawa, Canada in January 2018

From January onward, it was a jam-packed year full of Maximo events. From Spring MUWG in Houston to Maximo World in Orlando, to Fall MUWG in Portland, we made stops along the way at Maximo events across North America and even as far as the United Kingdom. It is one of the highlights of our work to attend these events and have the chance to talk to Planners and Schedulers, Maximo users, and to run into our clients.

Solufy-Team-Reliability-Web-Maximo-World2018Some members of the Solufy team with Terrence O'Hanlon and Maura Abad of Reliability Web at Maximo World 2018 in Orlando, Florida

We also had the chance to visit many of our clients and partners. From Arizona to Quebec, New Zealand to Vietnam, we can officially say that AKWIRE can be found around the globe.

Sharing the knowledge

In an effort to help everyone achieve greater Planning and Scheduling success, we published more educational materials than ever before. We engaged our experts on a range of topics from Maximo and CMMS troubleshooting and tips, to Planning and Scheduling best practices, to examinations of the wider world of enterprise maintenance and how technology is changing its future.

Even better, we had the opportunity to showcase the incredible work and the sage advice of many of our clients. Two of the CMMS Administrators at the University of Delaware sat down to talk with us about the future of maintenance in a university setting, and a Scheduler at Intermountain Power Service Corporation shared her insights regarding the cultural changes that need to take place to successfully adopt new technologies. We deeply appreciate that so many of our clients were willing to share their secrets to success with our readers. Our friends at Cornell shared their secret weapon: custom calculated fields, and Bill Steudler of Penn State University went so far as to share the function he uses to calculate Work Order priority.

AKWIRE for IBM Maximo: the future is bright

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and it’s a little like that when you’re designing complex Planning and Scheduling software solutions and building a company from the ground up. Solufy has been a big part of our lives for the last 15 years and a defining achievement in our careers. When we first started Solufy in 2003, we could not have anticipated all the memories we would make and fantastic individuals we would meet that would bring us to this point.

Gerry and I are immensely proud of what our team has accomplished, and grateful to everyone for their hard work, dedication, passion, and creative thinking. Thank you. As we say goodbye to 2018, we look forward to many exciting new opportunities in the year ahead as part of the Prometheus Group team.

Wishing you a happy holiday season and a bright and prosperous New Year. We’ll see you in 2019!

-Mario and Gerry

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Mario is the President, CEO and founder of Solufy

Mario’s extensive experience in software engineering and IBM Maximo CMMS development has directly contributed to the design and development of the AKWIRE Visual Suite, the most comprehensive set of planning and scheduling tools for Maximo. His

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