AKWIRE vTimeSheet for Maximo


Solufy's AKWIRE vTimeSheet for IBM Maximo®

The AKWIRE vTimeSheet was created to provide users with a single screen for recording, modifying, and approving actual hours associated with Maximo work orders.  This application drastically reduces the number of clicks and the amount of time associated with managing time in Maximo.

When you select the desired group of laborer(s) you want to review, all hours associated with each record will be displayed.  AKWIRE vTimeSheet allows you to:

  • accept an entry (populated by the assignments associated with the work order)
  • edit an entry - modify the existing hours, or enter hours
  • change the status of the work order(s) and labor transactions
  • compare the entered values with what was scheduled
  • and more

The AKWIRE vTimeSheet module provides a quick and easy method to enter time against work orders in an intuitive calendar view.

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  • Quickly navigate to a desired date - designed for minimal clicks
  • View and enter time by crew, person group, craft, or any other grouping in an intuitive calendar view
  • View scheduled (assigned) vs. actual hours
  • View daily total hours by labor or by work order
  • Change work order status
  • Approve time for your workforce
  • Export the timesheet view to Excel
  • Powerful sorting and filtering of your data