Schedule Compliance Add-on for vScheduler

Weekly Schedule Compliance Maximo

Solufy's Schedule Compliance Add-on for the vScheduler

The Schedule Compliance add-on for the AKWIRE vScheduler allows a user to lock down, or baseline, a finalized schedule. Any work orders moving in or out of the baselined schedule range (break in and break out work) is immediately flagged by AKWIRE.  The user is prompted to acknowledge the break, justify or resolve the break, and approve the break.  This information is maintained in AKWIRE and can be reported on easily.


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  • Compliance parameters can be modified as needed
  • Add on is constantly running in the background; the user only has to address schedule breaks
  • Each break in a schedule must be explained in AKWIRE; explanations are maintained and can be reported on


  • Schedule compliance parameters are configurable
  • Configurations can be made by administrators for a large group, or by individual users with the proper rights
  • Non compliant records are highlighted in the Gantt, making it easier to find and address them
  • Easily obtain customized compliance reporting information for planned and unplanned work

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