Metrics Add-on for vScheduler

Metrics Reports Maximo Scheduler Akwire

Solufy's Metrics Add-on for the vScheduler

The Metrics add-on for the AKWIRE vScheduler provides you with udpates in real time for approximately 50 different metrics as you manipulate schedule data.  The Metrics window sits beside your vScheduler Gantt, allowing you to achieve what-if analysis of your Maximo work order schedule in real time.  Some metrics are configurable, and users can create their own metrics layouts to highlight the information most important to them.


Metrics Reports for Maximo Schedules in AKWIRE

Metrics Reports Maximo Sheduling in AKWIRE

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  • Approximately 50 predefined metrics provide comprehensive data about the schedule onscreen
  • All metrics recalculate as you manipulate the schedule; achieve what-if analysis in real time
  • Edit built-in metrics layouts, or create layouts listing on the metrics important to you
  • View and share metrics and task completion information quickly and easily


  • Some metrics parameters are configurable
  • Metrics layouts can be created by administrators for a large group, or by individual users
  • Additional on-screen information provides updates in real time that a user can truly understand
  • Easily obtain customized reports to display various trending on your metrics

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