AKWIRE: Integrated with IBM Maximo

Solufy's AKWIRE: Integrated with Maximo

The AKWIRE vScheduler extends IBM Maximo’s traditional Enterprise Asset Management capabilities with a powerful planning and scheduling tool. Our product is compatible with all versions of Maximo, and its use is enjoyed and valued by many clients throughout different industry sectors.

Where some planning and scheduling tools are non-application-specific and have no awareness of Maximo, the AKWIRE vScheduler incorporates specialized objects designed and built specifically to handle your Maximo data.

For example, when working with Maximo work orders in your schedule, the AKWIRE object associated to a work order is fully aware of its Maximo data and functionality, and will offer specialized menu items, such as Change Status with a list of valid statuses, including your status synonyms.

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Integration points and benefits:

IBM Maximo is used to store and manage asset, location and preventive maintenance and work order master data.

The AKWIRE vScheduler is a desktop application that works directly with Maximo, and it does not require that you duplicate any Maximo data within AKWIRE, so you avoid the synchronization issues often found in other scheduling solutions.

AKWIRE follows all MBO rules, ensuring that users can only perform data manipulation tasks in AKWIRE that they are allowed to perform in Maximo.

  • Seamless integration - no Maximo downtime required to set up the AKWIRE vScheduler.
  • Reads PM information to plot forecast work orders in a Gantt and provides a view of resource workload or availability for the schedule's duration. The forecast is accomplished without creating a single work order in Maximo until you are ready to publish all or a portion of your schedule.
  • Gives you full control of when and what portion of your schedule you publish; this ensures that your Maximo database is always clean and never loaded with unwanted work orders and assignments.
  • Allows you to quickly create assignments in Maximo or assign work groups to work orders.
  • Completely Maximo data-aware. It makes use of Labor, Shift, Calendar, Workgroups, PM information and more...
  • Use drag and drop to quickly change the schedule dates of your work orders.
  • Allows you to quickly change work order statuses and modify work order planned labor requirements.
  • Offers the ability to create new work orders directly from AKWIRE by specifying Maximo Asset, Location, Job Plans, etc.
  • Completely uses the Maximo Business Objects (MBO) to write to Maximo - you can rest assured that your custom workflow and business rules are enforced, and that the Maximo data integrity is always maintained.
  • Integrates with Maximo security and does not require separate use/group account management.
  • Offers outstanding performance even with thousands of work orders.