Overview: Main AKWIRE vScheduler Functionality


Overview of Main AKWIRE vScheduler Functionality

The AKWIRE vScheduler boasts some very impressive user interface features allowing you to plan and schedule your workload in Maximo. The goal is to provide a visual tool and the ability to make changes to your data in a fraction of the time it would take to make the same changes using Maximo.

Main screen of Solufy's AKWIRE vScheduler for MaximoFrom a planning perspective, it allows you to create "What-if" scenarios and is a great forecasting tool in determining whether you will have enough resources to perform the work needed to keep your operations running smoothly.

From a scheduling standpoint, the vScheduler allows you to quickly rebalance your workload should someone call in sick or should something unexpected happen, you can multi-select work orders and move them to a different day with a single drag and drop action.

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The backbone of the AKWIRE vScheduler is the Gantt. Using the Gantt, a user has the ability to change the view of the data to meet their specific needs. Use the Gantt to see the spread of the work within the schedule's timeline, view the Task Assignment, the Resource Workload and Availability and much more. The Gantt is also where most of your maintenance data is manipulated to create the perfect schedule.

Using the many views offered by the Gantt in the AKWIRE vScheduler, you can assign all your resources to each task within your schedule. The tool also makes use of the Maximo calendar, and is therefore fully aware of your resource availability and will schedule them accordingly.

A planning and scheduling tool just wouldn't be complete without the ability to create different layouts of the Gantts. The AKWIRE vScheduler allows you to show and position different views of the Gantt on a single-screen. This multi-Gantt layout capability has many benefits such as, instantly seeing the effect of a schedule change on your resource workload, as well as enabling the user to quickly filter work items in one Gantt based on the selected labor and/or tools in other Gantt(s).

Many new time-saving features have been added in the AKWIRE vScheduler which makes it an even more powerful tool to plan and schedule your maintenance activities in Maximo. A tool you won't want to do without!

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