Export to Outlook Add-on for vScheduler

Scheduler Export to Outlook Add-on

Solufy's Export to Outlook Add-on for the vScheduler

The Export to Outlook add-on for the AKWIRE vScheduler allows you to communicate scheduled Maximo work orders to any shared Outlook calendar.

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Key Features of Export to Outlook
  • Send scheduled Work Order records to any Outlook calendar
  • Filter at multiple levels to ensure you’re sending relevant records: filter a schedule (find all WOs assigned to Electricians), and then filter the Export to Outlook (send those WOs to the Outlook calendar of Electrician John Smith)
  • Send any selection of assigned WOs to any selection of Outlook user calendars:
    • - Send an entire schedule to your own calendar
    • - Send records to the person scheduled to perform the work
    • - Send a weekly schedule to a crew
    • - Etc.