Daily Work Sheet Add-on for  vScheduler


Daily Work Sheet Add-on for the AKWIRE vScheduler

Tired of copying your schedule data back and forth between Maximo and Excel?

Wish you could keep using your Excel template for your Maximo Planning and Scheduling? 

Power up your custom Excel templates with the Daily Work Sheet add-on for the AKWIRE vScheduler.

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Daily Work Sheet uses your own Excel templates and automatically populates them with Work Order and Laborer data. Then, you can quickly and easily assign WOs to resources in as little as one click. The assignments you've made in the Daily Work Sheet are automatically reflected in the schedule and can be published back to Maximo. 

Fast. Easy. No duplicate data entry.

Key Features
  • AKWIRE populates Work Order and Laborer data for you in your Excel template
  • Easily modify the number of hours in assignments
  • Assign multiple resources to a single Work Order simply and quickly
  • Add the power of AKWIRE to your custom Excel templates: create sums, apply conditional formatting, and add other desired elements
  • Watch as all your changes are automatically reflected in your schedule and easily published back to Maximo
  • Schedule changes adhere to both Maximo's and AKWIRE's business rules and security settings
  • Adapt your Excel template to display additional information about Work Orders
  • Increase user acceptance of your planning and scheduling tool; most people are already comfortable with Excel
  • Save your changes to your Excel file to easily print and distribute your daily schedule


Watch the Daily Work Sheet in action


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