AKWIRE vJobPlan for Maximo


Solufy's AKWIRE vJobPlan for IBM Maximo®

Solufy's AKWIRE vJobPlan module enables users to quickly compare their Maximo job plan to what's actually performed. It provides a side by side comparison of work order plans and actuals, allowing you to adjust plans for more accurate planning and scheduling.  Adjustments to the Maximo Job Plan can be made immediately from AKWIRE vJobPlan.

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  • Standardize job plans across your organization
  • Quickly and easily update your job plan based on plan vs. actuals comparison
  • Increase your planning and scheduling accuracy by ensuring your job plans utilize accurate durations
  • Embedded and fully configurable analytics
  • Extremely efficient and user friendly
  • Stop wasting time trying to figure out the proper queries to write to analyze your data
  • It's so easy, that you'll review your job plans on a monthly basis instead of once every 10 years!
  • Update multiple job plans instead of updating record by record
  • Create a job plan from the work plan and make immediate modifications
  • Single click status updates
  • Powerful sorting and filtering of your data