AKWIRE vCalendar for Maximo


Solufy's AKWIRE vCalendar for IBM Maximo®

Manage Personnel Availability on a Single Screen

Solufy's AKWIRE vCalendar for Maximo allows you to manage workforce availability in an easy to use calendar view. Manage everything from sick leave to vacations, shift schedules to one-off appointments for individual workers in seconds, and with minimal clicks.


Solufy has created an Export to Outlook Add-on for the AKWIRE vCalendar.  

There are three basic steps to making changes to resource availability with the AKWIRE vCalendar:

  1. Select the resource(s) requiring the change
  2. Select the date(s) affected by the change
  3. Select the reason for the change

Changes made in AKWIRE vCalendar will be reflected in your schedules in vScheduler; see instantly where an unplanned absence affects your daily schedule, select the best time frame to send an entire group of craftspeople for a training course, and balance the workload to account for planned vacations.

Data update functionality allows you to edit shift, calendar, supervisor, crew, availability ratio and more from within the AKWIRE vCalendar.

The AKWIRE vCalendar module is fully integrated with Maximo to efficiently and visually manage your workforce availability.

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  • Easy-to-use calendar module. Intuitive interface to handle calendar exceptions and shift/crew schedules. Play the Video (00:03:55)
  • Display your labor list based on crew, person group, or any custom grouping you may have in Maximo
  • Helps manage your PM forecast; see how changes in resource availability, such as vacation and training, will affect the scheduling of Work Orders that haven't been generated yet
  • Add notes to one or more exceptions in a single action
  • Supports your Maximo custom reason codes
  • Simultaneously enter exceptions for multiple individuals and for multiple days or weeks
  • Quickly Copy and Paste exceptions
  • Quickly navigate to a desired date
  • Powerful sorting and filtering of your data
  • Export the calendar view to Excel
  • Configurable shortcut keys and icons for all your Maximo reason codes
  • More than just a calendar tool - edit the person's shift, calendar, supervisor, crew, availability ratio and more from one easy to use interface

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