AKWIRE MPower for Maximo

AKWIRE MPower - Data Wizardry for IBM Maximo

Solufy's AKWIRE MPower for IBM Maximo®

Data Wizardry for Maximo

Solufy's AKWIRE MPower is a first of its kind tool for Maximo and AKWIRE that allows technical and non-technical users alike the ability to access, complete, manipulate, modify, export, and present your Maximo and AKWIRE data in a familiar format.

Instead of "What can it do?"

think "What do I need it to do?"

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Make your data problems a thing of the past.  With MPower, a user can:

  • combine data from a number of sources in one layout - query data from multiple tables within Maximo, from a combination of AKWIRE and Maximo data sources, and also from any other database connected to AKWIRE
  • analyze your data without consultants or reporting software - pull the data you want and then arrange it the way you want to see it.  Export to Excel for further analysis if necessary.
  • update data in their systems of origin - update single records or mass update Maximo and other systems from a single screen
  • replace the need for a custom Maximo application
  • ...and it can meet almost any other Maximo data requirement you can think of

MPower provides you with endless ways to access and use your data.  

MPower uses Layouts and Actions to provide you with unprecedented access to and control over your data.

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MPower Layouts

Layout:  a screen and data configuration that allows you to perform different tasks with your data; creating multiple layouts allows you to switch quickly between these tasks.

  • one layout could be used to allow users to make updates to meter readings,
  • a second layout could be used to present data from a combination of Maximo, AKWIRE, and a financial system to provide an overview of the financials associated with a selection of Work Orders,
  • and a third layout could be used to track extended contract details for a maintenance provider organization. 

MPower Actions

Action:  comparable to ‘Select Action’ methods in Maximo (Change Status, Change Item Number, Move Asset, etc.), and MPower provides the ability to extend those capabilities with enhanced functionality.  MPower actions can also be created to provide functionality that does not currently exist in Maximo.

  • Incredibly Short Implementation Timeframe
  • MPower can typically be implemented in 2 weeks or less, with no requirement for Solufy to be onsite.
  • Most custom Layouts are created in hours, most Actions within a day or two.

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Some examples of how you can use MPower:

Use MPower to quickly enter your meter readings

MPower can provide users with a simple way to query data they normally couldn't access easily.  One of its many uses allows you to compare and enter meter readings in Maximo:

AKWIRE MPower Assetmeter 

Use MPower to find your Maximo attached documents

Solufy has just released a new layout for the MPower that allows you to search through all Maximo applications to find an attached document quickly and easily.

 AKWIRE MPower DocLinks

And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Would you like to learn more about Solufy's AKWIRE MPower?  Watch this space - we'll be updating this page regularly as we release new layouts and actions as MPower continues to grow.

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