The AKWIRE Foundation

The AKWIRE Foundation

AKWIRE Foundation.pngSolufy's AKWIRE vScheduler for IBM Maximo is a user friendly, flexible and powerful planning and scheduling tool for PM forecasting, organizing and prioritizing existing Work Orders and assigning tasks to your workforce, while showing you the availability of your Labors, Crafts, Crews, PersonGroups, and Tools/Materials.

The Foundation

The power of our flagship product, AKWIRE lies in its foundation, which was designed to be fully customizable and configurable based on your organizations' business needs. The foundation provides a multitude of feature-rich Configuration Panels to allow an administrator to change settings, such as Language settings, data validation rules, queries, screen layouts, and more. Configuration settings are not hard-coded in executable files, but rather stored in a centrally managed database.

To enable a fully expandable solution, the AKWIRE Foundation also provides full Plug-in support. Even with its powerful configuration capabilities, if for any reason AKWIRE out-of-the box cannot meet your specific business requirements, a plug-in can be used to extend AKWIRE's functionality. By completely isolating the creation of a plug-in from the base product, and by keeping the configuration settings in the database will enable your organization to maintain compatibility between new versions and preserve your software investment.

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You can also leverage on the benefits and robustness of the AKWIRE Foundation's API to build all your in-house tools with the same common look and feel and basic functionality, therefore minimizing the training involved to learn the new tools.

The AKWIRE Foundation also boasts a very powerful synchronization engine, and database to allow your mobile workforce with access to high-volume of mission critical data in a fully disconnected mode. The synchronization engine is a highly scalable solution, with fully customizable synchronization rules based on your organization's business needs, and has the ability to synchronize data from/to Maximo and your other database systems.

Every module in our AKWIRE visual suite leverages the power of the foundation, and all benefit from the intuitive user-interface controls enabling accurate data capturing by your mobile workforce, thus maximizing the Return on Investment (ROI) on your enterprise systems.

The AKWIRE Foundation offers a:
  • Fully customizable platform using plug-ins (if needed), based on your business rules.
  • Powerful and scalable synchronization engine.
  • Middle-tier platform built using state of the art technology.
  • A system which supports Oracle, SQL Server and MSDE, and other SQL compliant RDBMS. MSDE is a royalty-free subset of SQL and is ideal for the mobile device
  • A system which runs on WinXP, WinXP for Tablet PC, and Vista, Windows 7.
  • Solution that is NOT limited as other handheld solutions.
  • Feature-rich application that empowers both your online and offline communities with the same tools.
Its open architecture, plug-in support, and robust development platform, make the AKWIRE Foundation the perfect host of all your custom tools for Maximo and other enterprise systems. So you can work in ONE familiar, easy to use interface making your users’ life much simpler as well as dramatically reducing your development and maintenance effort.

Donna E. Walker
President & CEO
Planettech international
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