AKWIRE for Maximo® User Group'16 Planned Sessions

AKWIRE User Group 2016: Sessions

We are working on pulling together an excellent agenda for this year's AKWIRE User Group.  We're bringing back some sessions by popular demand, including Tips and Tricks, and Solve My Problems - all with new content, of course.  You'll also see best practices presentations from two planning and scheduling experts - Doc Palmer, and Solufy's own Matt Midas.

We still have room for client presentations - if you have a story to share we want to hear from you!

Sessions & Descriptions

Keynote – Doc PalmerDoc Palmer is giving the keynote speech at Solufy's AKWIRE User Group 2016

We’re so pleased this year to have Doc Palmer join us to kick off the AKWIRE User Group meeting with the keynote speech.  Doc literally wrote the book on Maintenance Planning and Scheduling; we at Solufy have been fortunate enough to learn more about planning and scheduling best practices from him, and we have no doubt that he will give you some ideas on how you can make your operations run even more smoothly.

New Features and Roadmap

Mario Boileau, Solufy’s CEO and lead application architect, will discuss several new features we have introduced into our AKWIRE products within the last year, and share our plans on Solufy’s direction for the year(s) to come.

New Applications: You asked, we listened

(Important vScheduler Enhancements, Daily Work Sheet, vCalendar different views)

Solufy has introduced significant amounts of functionality in areas that you – our AKWIRE end-users – have identified as key.  We’ll show you how we turned your requests into solutions you can use now, covering topics including: task elasticity, crews and crew management, making assignments in a spreadsheet integrated with Maximo, and even more control over shift and calendar exceptions. 

MPower – getting the data you need out of Maximo, today

Have you ever needed data from Maximo that you couldn't access right away for whatever reason?  And then when you did manage to get the data, you found that it raised more questions about your data? Now MPower offers the power, the flexibility, and the simplicity for you to answer the questions you have about your data today that Maximo alone can’t answer. We’ll show you how it can help to identify gaps, trends, find you the answers you need, and show you the whole picture on a single screen.

Solving the Morning Shuffle Struggle

Another common struggle among Maximo users – the Morning Shuffle. Sure you may have it nailed down on paper, but how can that paper give you feedback on your overall workload?  And what about the work that won't be done today because of the changes you just made on paper – if only you could reschedule it right away.  See how Solufy responded to your Morning Shuffle Struggles with our new upcoming vCrew Module.

Tips and Tricks

Back by popular demand! We’ll show you some of the lesser-known features in AKWIRE that will help you work even faster.

Solve My Problems

This was also a popular session last year.  We’ll start polling attendees shortly for their questions on AKWIRE products that can be tabled to the group.  So start getting your “how do you…” and “what’s the best way to…” questions ready.

Dynamic Help / Support Portal Enhancements

Solufy is in the process of rolling out in-app context sensitive help! We’ll show you how to find it, how to use it, and how to request additions or extensions.  We’ll also run you through the enhancements we have incorporated into our support portal in the past year.  The Solufy user community is growing!

Matt Midas Best Practices Presentation: Job Plan Data

How much data do you need in your job plans in order to plan and schedule efficiently?  How do you manage that data moving forward to make sure it reflects what you know?  And how much data is too much?   Matt Midas will present his best practices recommendations on Job Plan creation and management that will help you improve your overall planning and scheduling efforts.

Metrics and Reports in AKWIRE

If you have a full license of the AKWIRE vScheduler, you’re entitled to use the Metricsand Schedule Compliance add-ons at no additional license cost.  Gerry Lamarche and Matt Midas will show you how this application works, and how it can better inform your scheduling activities.  They will also demonstrate accompanying reports so that you can share metrics information easily.

Weekly Scheduling Meetings – Roundtable

How often are you holding planning and scheduling meetings internally?  How do you prepare your workers for whatever work is coming?  Do you hold regular scheduling meetings, occasional meetings, send each other emails, or just hope everybody figures things out?  This session will be led by some of our AKWIRE end users, and we hope to include everyone in the discussion so you can learn from each other.

Client Presentations

Do you have a unique story to tell to your fellow AKWIRE users?  Are you using an AKWIRE product in an innovative way and seeing great results from it?  Tell your story! Get in touch with us if there’s something you’d like to present – presentations can be any length, from 15 minutes to 60.

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