AKWIRE Visual Suite for IBM Maximo® Release Information

AKWIRE Release Information

What's New In AKWIRE?

Current Release: version 2016.4
Current as of: December 2016

Release details coming soon


Here are some of the highlights of our earlier release (version 2016.2)

New Features

AKWIRE Foundation

  • UI update: Users can drag and drop exceptions in the Daily and Monthly views.

AKWIRE vCalendar

  • Dynamic Context Help - improve logic to work with tools within drop menus.


  • Search Column tool added to the Mass Edit Control. Select a field in the control, then press CTRL + ALT + F.


AKWIRE Foundation

  • Column Search column hot keys (F3, ALT + F3) added to the Column Search tool for scrolling through results. Once results have been reached the end, the tool will cycle back to the beginning.
  • New capabilities added to Column Search tool, including AND (|) and OR (,) operators, an option to hide non-matching columns, and ability to search via database names or labels.

AKWIRE vScheduler

  • Conditional expressions created in Maximo for PM Forecasts are supported.
  • Task Elasticity can be enabled/disabled.
  • Export to Outlook: SQL variables supported in the subject and body text.
  • User filters associated to the default data selection tables are also accessible when using custom tables.

AKWIRE vCalendar

  • Export to Outlook: Multiple exceptions scheduled on the same day is supported.

AKWIRE vJobplan

  • Field long descriptions can be accessed and modified in vJobPlan.


  • The Mass Edit Control’s Prefix/Append/Clear commands are disabled for YORN fields. The Prefix/Append commands are disabled for DateTime fields.
  • Updated Excel Icons.
  • The number of affected records is displayed in the status bar of the In SQL tab when a non-SELECT statement is run.

Additional Information

This version includes several other changes, including:

  • Resolved issues
  • Database update scripts


Existing Solufy clients can access full release notes through oursupport portal.

Other parties can request additional information from Solufy by contacting us.

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